San Diego, CA

With my man traveling for work very often lately, we try our best to make some of his work trips into weekend getaways. It’s hard to be apart, but we both love to travel and are fully embracing this nomad lifestyle! Last weekend, I flew out to Los Angeles to connect with Andrew before adventuring down to San Diego. West coast best coast? Perhaps. Crazy enough, I arrived to a lush and green Los Angeles and after two full days of rain, we were so stoked to begin our adventure south to the coastal city of San Diego – in the search for some sunshine and some positive vibes! It was my first time venturing south of LA and quickly learned that all the positive stories I had heard were more than true!

Andrew and I happily drove past Newport Beach towards the coastline and stumbled upon an untouched dream, also known as Crystal Cove State Park. After parking the Jeep, we walked across Highway 1 down towards the rainy coastline. We wandered around the misty beach for awhile before discovering the beachside breakfast joint ~ The Beachcomber Cafe. It was quite the find and pleasantly enjoyed an epic Bloody Mary – it was a monster including lobster, shrimp, bacon and veggies of all kinds! Outside the cafe was a beachfront shack with notes from fellow visitors and it was quite perfect to have found this note and with each word, all our worries washed away with the sea…

“Oh Sea, you are so big
I can let my troubles go
my sadness my sorry my anger
and let it go into you
and the waves
take them away far far away
You are the biggest thing in the world
so it doesn’t hurt you
Oh sea”

The moment we arrived in San Diego it was love at first sight. I know I’ve said this many times before, but each new place we find in California keeps getting better and better! February in San Diego is a dream…breezy coastal air paired with the sunniest sunshine blazing in the sky. It was hard to believe it was real. The Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa was our home for the next few nights, so we checked out our digs, which were pretty awesome since our room had a dreamy balcony overlooking the Bay, and then made our way down to Mission Bay – full of restaurants, bars and beach loving peeps! We connected with one of our friends who lives in the area and it was special to see the town through his eyes, and we had an amazing night bar hopping the night away.

Now that we had a ton of suggestions of go-to spots to see and one-day left in this magical land, we ventured 15 minutes north to La Jolla to enjoy the sunny weather and say hello to the seals. We walked along the boardwalk and wandered around town before heading back to our home base to catch the sunset. As the sun set on the Bay, it was pretty clear that this was a very special place….!

Author: Christen

As a writer by nature, my goal is to inspire and connect with other kindred spirits by sharing my journey through storytelling and photographing my experiences on this blog. I always come from a place of understanding positivity, so please feel free to add to the conversation and share your story too!