A Year in Review

So, it’s one month into the new year and I’m rewinding 2017 and sharing a thoughtful reflection of a year fully lived. I couldn’t be happier but at the same time, I still get confused, like you and wonder what I want from life. What am I here for and how can I leave it a little better? All I know is that life is an always changing journey, and sometimes I forget and get impatient and frustrated because I wanna do so much more but not totally sure what that is. I know it can only be found within, but I believe it takes each other to inspire and challenge one another to find direction in our purpose. As I was writing these down it’s hard to believe that all the minutes, days, weeks and months resulted in so many positive changes in my personal life this year and I’m nothing but thankful for 2017:

  • I lived my 28th year
  • I got married to the most amazing man
  • I planned our wedding celebration
  • I had my 7th anniversary living in NYC
  • I happily celebrated my 1 year anniversary at ?What If! Innovation and was promoted
  • I saved money for the future and increased my credit score (wooo!)
  • I traveled to, Havana Cuba, Costa Rica, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, Washingtion DC, Fort Myers, Ponte Vedra Beach

Where does one even start when making goals? Well, for me – my process to narrow in on what exactly I want to focus on for 2018 started with me closing my eyes and taking the time to give my mind the space to wander, get lost and then narrow in on what exactly makes me the happiest and most fulfilled. The themes I discovered were around creating authentic connections with people to inspire and TO BE inspired – I’m the happiest when I share a story and someone can relate to it and feel that spark of inspiration: to search inside themselves to find peace or travel somewhere new or listen to a strangers story and make a new friend. Keeping a balance in my daily life is something I have been working on for years, so I want to take this one step further by introducing some daily practices into my life to help me bring my best self into the world while I’m making these connections. I think my 2018 goals will help me keep this peaceful balance and I hope my reflections inspire you to dream BIGGER than ever before too!

  • Live authentically by not be afraid to be vulnerable and share my experiences
  • Post to my blog monthly to continue to share these experiences and make connections
  • Meditate every morning
  • Play piano every week
  • Travel 
  • Plan and save $$  for “The Dream” road trip

Thanks for reading!


Author: Christen

As a writer by nature, my goal is to inspire and connect with other kindred spirits by sharing my journey through storytelling and photographing my experiences on this blog. I always come from a place of understanding positivity, so please feel free to add to the conversation and share your story too!